7 Culture

7.1 Fine arts and architecture

7.2 Entertainment

We have a lot of places of interests in Ahal region, Ashgabat in particular since our Independence. One of them is Disney Land, where are various attractions for our children
Turkmen carpet museum
The museum was founded in 1996. There is large quantity of remarkable carpets and carpet handmade wares of famous and unknown Turkmen skilled women. In museum expositions there are carpets made one hundreed and two hundred years ago.
Original ornament of Turkmen carpets distinguished by ethic strictness and monumentality, its restrained colour in which dominated favorite dark red colour presents complicated and rih symphony. High artistic perfection, special tehnique of Turkmen carpets is result of high skill and century-old experience of its creators.
For maintaining national traditions and their development in conformity with modern trends the folk dance groups such as Serpay, Mengli and others made culture ahal region diverse.

7.4 Popular culture