7 Culture
7.1 Fine arts and architecture

Balkan Velayat is a very beautiful place. Last summer I and my family went there on our summer vacations for 2 weeks. It’s one of the best places to spend your summer: Caspian Sea (they say that it is the largest lake in the world), high mountains- Bolshoi and Malyi Balkhans and sunny weather. You can get tan, watch Caspian seagulls, and enjoy warm sunny weather lying down on the sea beach. Sometimes people can even watch seals swimming far in the open sea.
I advise all Turkmen people and tourists to visit Balkan velayat .Caspian sea separates Turkmenistan from such countries as Russia and Azerbaijan. Turkmenbashi city is a sea-gate of Turkmenistan. It’s a western border post of our country. There is a sea ferry over the Caspian Sea to get to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. People, arriving in Turkmenbashi have to pass customs checking. You can stay at comfortable hotels, go to the restaurants, and walk in the beautiful parks and squares. You are welcome to Balkan Velayat!

7.2 Entertainment

Last summer I went to Balkanabat city. It’s a center of Balkan velayat and a beautiful city. Balkanabat receives the guests with wide-opened doors of the comfortable hotels and camps. There a Museum of local lore, concert halls and restaurants in the town. Comfortable resort settlement has been constructed on the miracle cape Kheles on the Caspian seashore. Citizens of Balkanabat like to spend their holidays and weekends there.
I admired the beauty of Mollakara Lake. There is the International resort there. It has a wild popular and it has been formed at the salt lake. The lake is and one can lie or sit in its water. Curative and mud water of the lake can treat the decease of the nervous system, digestive organs and gynecological and urine disorders.

7.3 Popular culture