8 Socio-economic
8.1 Education

Starting this school year, all the schools of Balkan Velayat, as well as other Turkmenistan’s regions, will have 10-year old educational system instead of 9-year old one. So, students who were suppose to graduate in 2007 – are going to continue their 10th grade and will finish school in 2008.
The salaries will rise with the beginning of a new school year for educational system workers of Turkmenistan. This document has signed the president Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov, confirming this resolution, accepted on meeting Halk Maslahaty on March, 30, 2007.
According to the document, starting 1st of September 2007 tariff rates and salaries will increase for professors and teachers, as well as for scholarship students on 40% with provision for revising of the teacher's load, installed by resolution of the president Turkmenistan from March 4 2007.

8.2 Health

At the last years new modern medical complexes were constructed in Turkmenistan. Pharmaceutical industry of Turkmenistan is presented by six enterprises. They release more than 140 kinds of medicines. However, either as earlier, problem of the deficit medicine remains. Soon Turkmenistan's pharmaceutics must provide needs of the country on 70-80%.
The Turkmen physicians consider that reforms will make reduction of the number of cardiological and oncological deases in Turkmenistan already to 2010.
In Balkan Velayat there is wonderful Mollakara Lake. There is the International resort there. It has a wild popular and it has been formed at the salt lake. The lake is warm and one can lie or sit in its water. Curative and mud water of the lake can treat the deseases of the nervous system, digestive organs and gynecological and urine disorders.

8.3 Crime and safety


Student Ali Hamraev, grade 8
Student Albert Marhvida, grade 6
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