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My Birthday Poem.
On the occasion of your day
I'd like some words for you to say
I wish you wisdom, lots of love
I want this love to be enough
For being healthy, wealthy, nice.
Let's happiness attend your life and let it be for ever!
Remain continously nice,
And be as usual clever!
Boris Ter-Semyonov

Sometimes people can not struggle with challeuges in their lives and they just give up. This poem i dedicate to my friend who comited suicide and is not with us anymore. Let's honor him...

His destiny.

Empty roads and empty streets,
He is walking in a boulevard of waking dreams.
He lost in his life.
He wants to know about his love.
He wants to know what happend to him,
He lost his hope, he lost his dream.
Where to go? And what to do?
He wants to find an answer, he is asking you-
He is looking on the sky,
Screaming one word: "Why?"
Why he is alone?
He has no power, he isn't strong.
He is tired of running away from this world,
From lie and betrayal, earth is so cold.
His heart like a piece of ice, in his vein pouring white blood,
He is becoming mad.
He tries to kill the pain,
He tries to stop the rain,
He tries to stop the time,
He tells us about another world, he says:" This world is mine"
World, is full of pain and fears,
World, where he lived many years.
He is dying, he is praying,
He is bleeding and he is screaming.
He can't stay long; he is closing his eyes,
Maybe he will wake up for once,
But there is not crimson on his face,
There is not a chance,
He fade to black,
He will never come back.
Mukadosova Dinara, May 4,2007


By L. A. Khusainova

Oh, Turkmenistan, I’m in love with you
Remember, Turkmenistan, you are great
Not in fields of battles past,
But in the green fields full of wheat
And forests, gardens free of dust

I love you deeply, dear land
Your hills and rivers, sand on strand’s
Your songs and dances, lakes and seas
Your beasts and fish, birds in trees.
Your sunrise in a splendid sight
Which gives me always such delight!

The Mystery of Earth
By Gulchehra Kamalyan

Who said that everything is burned
And you can’t grow nothing in this earth
Who said that earth is dead?
No! It’s keeping silence for a while.

You can’t take mother’s care from the earth
As you can’t take all water from the river
And who said that earth is dead?
I know that our world for us forever.

As how as people talks about life
They try to dream about good and only
They dreams how life will change their mind
And how this CHANGE will influence to more than

Please, People! Let’s don’t think that earth is mess
May be it is, but everything depend on you
Without you it can’t be change in less
So let’s not only try, but to continue to believe ,
That WE lives in wonderful and mysterious WORLD.

Ene Mekhri.

By Gazaryan E.B.

In my native place, dear Ashgabat,

Miracles occurred with unusual might

Fountains are high, palaces are fine

Swallows are flying in the bluish sky.


Ene Mekhri, Ene Mekhri, Ene Mekhri

Get up and then your children see

How gay and happy all they are

For all this thank you, Great Serdar!

В городе моём, милом, дорогом

Чудеса на свете всё таки бывают

Вырос до небес солнечный дворец

Ласточки вокруг стаями летают.


Эне Мехри, Эне Мехри, Эне Мехри

На сына своего сегодня посмотри

Какой полёт, какой размах и светлый дар,

От всей души спасибо Вам Сердар!

Бронзовая мать с сыном на руках

Утренней зарёй город наш встречает

Радостно всегда, счастье на веках

Нашим молодым ласково желает.

My Turkmenistan.
By Gazaryan E.B.

Turkmenistan, my native land
You are in my heart and in my mind
I’m happy and proud of you
Bakshies make new songs for you.

In the region of Amu-darya
Like real brothers people are
Water melons and karakul pelts
All in the market may be met.

Our women are skillful in wearing carpets
In making various, colourful patters
If you want to buy these carpets
Go and buy them in our eastern markets.

In your independence I find protection
I am proud of your success in all sections
You’ve restored to live, your religious right
Time all traditions in beautiful quietness of night.

Dear mother, you are sacred

The word “mother” is so sweet, kind and tender. When you pronounce this word your soul is filled with such an usual magic feeling that you do not know how you appeared in the world of love. Every person having come to this beautiful world considers mother to be the closest person to him, because the mother gives patience and happiness to his soul. The only person that can be in our hearts as a flag of love, kindness, is undoubtedly our mother. It is not accidental that mother is compared to the most sacred place, Kaaba (the holiest place of the Muslims) in our country. The Prophet Mohammad’s words “The paradise is under mother’s feet” mean the greatness of mother, don’t they? When we speak about mother and women’s dignity we cannot help but remember the words of our Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great: “The women can overcome everything, the women are a bridge to the eternity”.
Our Greate leader and poet, spiritual father says: “The main condition of the women’s breeding up is conscience and faithfulness.” A Turkmen women is an example of faithfulness. We can see it in the following example: Gurbansoltan eje suffered very much and overcome many difficulties but nevertheless she kept her Faithfulness to her family and became an example of faithfulness. The Turkmen women who always repeat the words “Gurbansoltan eje is a heroic mother” with pride consider the life of Gurbansoltan eje to be their life school.

“Turkmen women in the golden age”
International conference
Reports abstracts

Neutral Turkmenistan

Neutral Turkmenistan
On the second of March in 1992 Turkmenistan became a member of the United Nations Organization. The UN is an international organization. It supports peace in the world.
Turkmenistan now is a member of that organization. Turkmenistan is a developing and a Neutral country. With the help of our President Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy, our State got its Neutrality on the 12-th of December in 1995. All 185 members of the United Nations voted for ‘’the constant Neutrality our country’’. Turkmenistan is first nation in the world so honored.
In 1998, on the third Anniversary of Neutrality, the ARCH of Neutrality was opened in the principle square of Ashgabat. The ARCH of Neutrality stands on the three legs representing the Independence, Neutrality and Friendship of our country. On the top of it is a 12-metre tall sculpture of our President. The designer of the monument was the Turkmen sculptor, Babasary Annamyradov. The composition reflects frankness, optimism and faint of the Turkmen people in the bright, happy future of human kind.

Article typed by Radion Fateyev student of 8 “D” grade of Abadan High School # 6
Article is taken from the Exercise book English 6 (for specialized schools) by O. O. Soltanova, G. I. Sariyeva, Exercise book is Confirmed by the Educational Ministry of Turkmenistan