5 Demographics
5.1 Race and ancestry

5.2 Population distribution

The administrative center f Balkan velayat is Balkanabat (previous name is Nebitdagh). Population (according the census of 1996) is 389.5. It is very thin populated velayat in Turkmenistan. But at the same time Balkan velayat is a very urbanized territory: urban population is 79 %, rural is 21% (there are 45% and 55% as a whole in Turkmenistan accordingly). Balkanabat the second town on quantity is Turkmenbashi in Balkan velayat. Serdar (previous appellation is Kizilarvat), Kumdag and Khazar (previous name is Cheleken).
With provision for established at the last years average rate of the increase, in accordance with improvement of the demographic situation in country, before 2020 is forecasted high growing to number of the population Turkmenistan to account of the natural increase. The Natural increase will be provided by essential increasing rate to birth rate and reduction to death-rate, particularly infantile. As a result this will increase average life expectancy of the population.

5.3 Religion


Student Karina Ismailova, grade 8

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